Arduino Users, Peep This!

We do not know if we have been slackin’ and this one slipped by us, or if it is a relatively new happening… buuuuut, looks like the Texas Instrument’s MSP430 Launchpad is now Open Source Hardware.  It also looks like the community around the launchpad has developed a new IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called Energia, based on Wiring/Processing.  The Arduino IDE is based on Wiring/Processing as well so the look (and we imagine feel) of developing in the MSP430 will hopefully now be similar and familiar to Arduino users.

You can check out an overview on the MSP430 Launchpad here:

Texas Instruments MSP430 Launchpad

And then check out the new IDE here:

Energia IDE for MSP430

The Texas Instruments webpage is still horrible to navigate (especially the pages around the MSP430 stuff) so make sure to keep these links at hand if you want to return and not be so frustrated you gouge your eyes out with a rusty fork!

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