Documentary… Fini!

Our documentary on Open Source Hardware, “Collaborate to Innovate”, has just been finished and submitted to Focus Forward Films.  This was a huge undertaking and one that did not come without a few pains.  The green light to create the film was given one month before the submission deadline and thus we were under pressure from the beginning.  As one of my favorite educators always told me, “Pressure builds diamonds” <followed by a maniacal laugh>.  The film is definitely a “diamond” in our eyes and hopefully everyone else will view it similarily.

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]

The film will be released as early as October 2012 and as late as first quarter 2013 depending on how well it does in the Focus Forward Filmmaker Challenge.  Once released, it will be posted on our blog as well as directly available on vimeo.

Stay tuned…

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