A Documentary: Collaborate to Innovate

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Note, the title of the documentary is now “Collaborate to Innovate”.
ImagineN4tion, along with a team of film makers, are producing a short 3-minute documentary exploring the limitless potential of Open Source Hardware in the hands of global youth.  Check it out!


A young boy plugs in a small circuit and watches as a tiny digital light flickers on. He enjoys the miniature light show, not yet fully understanding the powerful impact of the technology he “plays” with.


The concept and timing of Open Source Hardware (OSHW), and more specifically the Arduino itself, have had a profound effect on global society. It is allowing everyone, from children to professional engineers, simpler access to rapid prototyping with microcontrollers.  With the proliferation of the Maker community and a reemergence of the Do It Yourself fortitude, this hasty prototyping has quickly led to advances in almost every field of study imaginable.  In what The Economist has dubbed “The 3rd Industrial Revolution”, we are witnessing a sea change in how society designs, revises, manufactures and connects with tangible objects.  OSHW and Arduino are the catalysts in this constantly expanding Maker community, fostering the next generation of Engineers and prolific minds. Building on concepts from Malcom Gladwell and drawing parallels to the personal computer revolution, our film “Collaborate to Innovate” will comment on the sea change at hand.


The profound effect we have seen thus far is merely the beginning; the children who tinker today are the men and women who will change the shape of the world tomorrow.  The future just got a whole lot more exciting. The biggest thing since Tillamook cheese, this is some epic shit.


How You Can Help:
If you wish to support STEM education and the Maker community, then please support this documentary by lending a helping hand with any of the following:


1)  Funding! The team is currently shouldering the burden of this undertaking.  The film will be MUCH improved with backing from those that have the resources.  Please help us promote our community,STEM and the future of our world.


Donate using PayPal by clicking below: 



2)  Securing more interviewees! We are still soliciting for persons that can offer a unique perspective or an inspirational story for on-camera or phone interviews.  We welcome any suggestions.


3)  Getting the word out! We welcome any and all buzz around the documentary.  Feel free to disseminate the abstract and link back to this post.


Any and all support for the cause is truly appreciated.  Send any inquiries to whim@imaginen4tion.com.

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